Sunday, December 10, 2023


Šibenik provides easy access to any location

Croatia’s coastal town of Šibenik, a medium-sized town that spreads around a hill, offers visitors a pleasant sense of cosiness and easy access to any of the town’s highlights. Getting around the town on foot is easy, whether to the sea or to the fortress on the hill, and even easier by bicycle, as there is a bike sharing system called »nextbike«. If travelling on water is the preferred choice, however, then the natural parks of the Krka River and Kornati Islands that are in Šibenik’s proximity can be accessed by boat. The trips to these beauty spots offer visitors a very comfortable and scenic journey. 

Croatia’s Biggest Room!

The medieval coastal town of Šibenik is not only known for welcoming the Game of Thrones staff, but also for having the largest conferencing facilities on the Adriatic, including the single biggest meeting room. Moreover, if its a number of separate events rather than a single one that is required, then you can distribute up to 3,000 people in 11 meeting halls in total. How might you do that? – you may well ask. Well, you do it in three steps: Firstly, let your delegates be seated throughout the 4,000m2 conference and exhibition event space.

A green-blue Zen moment within your grasp

When was the last time you took the time to sit still, just watching droplets of water naturally resonating? If you can’t recall such a moment, then it’s probably high time you take a moment for yourself and relive this prehistoric form of meditation for both the eyes and ears. If you happen to be in Šibenik, then so much the better, for there are four natural attractions within easy reach of this stunning medieval town that can help soothe your stresses. Take a trip to the Krka National Park, for example, where your thoughts can float away whilst staring at Krka river meandering through canyons, waterfalls, lakes and radiant flora and fauna.

Wet feet whilst flying on a sunny day?

magine you’re on a plane. You fasten your seatbelt, getting ready for landing. But what’s this? You’re already so low, but out of the window it looks like the crystal clear waters below could touch your feet any moment now…

…Yes, this is how it feels when landing in Zadar and Split, two towns on the Croatian coast. Both of these popular Adriatic spots are not just incredibly charming, but they also possess the mildest and sunniest climates anywhere in Europe. For this reason it is very rare for flights to be cancelled, which makes Zadar and Split Airports two of the most reliable in Croatia. Moreover, their location is ideal for getting to Šibenik – it takes just over an hour on dramatic roads overlooking the Dalmatian sea.

Šibenik lifestyle in the midst of Unesco heritage

Šibenik is renowned as one of the rare Dalmatian coastal towns that has been effectively unmolested by the demands of modernity. Within its medieval walls, renaissance buildings and streets that meander among almost 3,000 stone steps, local ladies still hang laundry from windows, old men sit on corners playing ancient board games, and children are happily jumping ropes. Each and every one of them will greet you with a curious and smiling nod. Šibenik days pass peacefully in the shade of two UNESCO World Heritage buildings: the 15th Century St. Jacob’s Cathedral and the 16th Century St. Nicholas fortress. Take the chance to sit in your own cafeteria with internationally awarded baristas, or let your new “nono” grill you a fish.

Worthy of Michelin stars

If they aren’t entirely what a trip is all about, then at the very least gastronomical pleasures undeniably add to one’s experience of a town. This particularly applies to Šibenik, where one can experience the intersection of medieval surroundings with gourmet pinnacles. With its central position on the Dalmatian coast, Šibenik offers a rich selection of local wines and culinary twists. Its restaurants and »konobas« go a step above the usual regional plates; alongside reinvented seafood such as octopus goulash, cuttlefish gnocchi, truffle pappardelle, shark and stuffed squid, one can also find delicious burgers and Semifreddo desserts. However, guests preferring traditional Dalmatian cuisine will be satisfied too, as Šibenik is renowned for having some of the best restaurants not just on the Dalmatian coast, but in the whole of Croatia.

From top to bottom for those on top!

The deepest points around Šibenik can be found on its Mediterranean sea beds. On spectacular trips to 46 different diving locations and one educational snorkeling trail, one can submerge the depths to swim with stunning sea creatures and sea plants. Several secretive sea caves are also definitely something to look forward to, with one of them, which can be accessed either by a swim through a submerged sea channel or by a rope descent, hosting a mysterious but harmless »sea bear«. Another cave even hosts a 13th Century church! The surfaces of Šibenik’s fresh and sea waters are home to diverse activities: recreational kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing, wind-surfing and even deep-water soloing.

The Šibenik seawaters – your own spot of water delight

Dalmatia. Dalmatian dogs. Spots. Not just on the dogs, but also spots of olives on thick and shady trees. And countless spots of islands and islets. And spots of suns slowly fading into a liquid eternity… So, who hasn’t heard of Dalmatia? You certainly have. And so have many others. For this reason the Dalmatian shoreline can often feel overcrowded. Yet there is an almost undiscovered pearl waiting to be found, not of the type hidden in one of the numerous shells purifying seawater to perfection, but one that is hidden at the sea’s end and surrounded by islands and a fortress. We are talking, of course, about Šibenik, and its coastline that gives you the chance to enjoy the beach and all of its offerings with an enjoyable level of privacy.

Amadria Park – a synonym for class

For incentive programmes one will certainly want participants to be hosted in the best possible conditions, and so Šibenik also offers great accommodation. The Hotel Solaris Beach Resort, for example, provides a four-star experience in its hotels Ivan and Jure that welcome both leisure and business guests. The Mediterranean heart of the hotels combines the classical, elegant style with modern and hip enjoyment, all topped off with a Wellness and Spa complex for leisure and with easy access to the Convention Centre Šibenik. The rooms are spacious, bright and set at a modern angle pleasant to the eyes. Restaurants at the resort offer traditional Dalmatian food infused with a modern approach and using fresh and seasonal produce.