When thinking of a programme that would offer a true experience of Dalmatia, you can not skip the Dalmatian Ethno Village in the very heart of Amadria Park Šibenik.

The Dalmatian Ethno Village, which has received many awards for its setting, authenticity and offer, impresses with its little stone houses that take a visitor into a completely different world of traditions and values of Dalmatian ancestors.

Visitors get transferred into special charm of the ancient times through typical Dalmatian village life from the past. Besides the traditional delicacies prepared according to original recipes (home-made bread prepared under an iron bell, home-made proscuitto and cheese, barbeque, and fresh sea-food from the grill etc.), the stunned guests can also join to an Ethno tour of the village.

Ethno tour consists of a guided tour and a visit to all of the attractions of the village. The tour, among other spots, takes to Amadria Park‘s own vineyard, and to olive park where a 2000 year old Olive tree triumphs above the stone paved squares and a centuries old original mill for production of wheat and corn flour.

Even more, the tour takes to the oil mill and distillery where one can see the production and supply of olive oil, visit the wine cellar, or see how brandy is being made. In the Eco garden visitors are touched by the possiblity of picking their own tomato.

If your business guests are curious and want to experience even more, they can join the weaving workhshop in the village’s at the weaver shop with manufacturing fabrics and souvenirs and have a possibility of making their own souvenirs through the old tradition of weaving on a loom.

And for »olive« on top, all of this is accompanied by klapas singing traditional Dalmatian songs. Once in Šibenik, your guests will be able to say that they truly saw the heart of Dalmatia.

Category: Culinary/Cultural/Historical
Best time of the year: April – November
Duration: 45 minutes
Number of participants:
Location: Croatia, Amadria Park Šibenik


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