When deciding which city to choose for congress activities during the Advent time or where to spend the New Year’s Eve celebration, the endlessly charming Dalmation town of Šibenik should be on top of the list on the grounds of its specific historical beauty accompanied by joyful and hospitable spirit.

The Šibenik’s Advent Fair has become one of the city’s best loved events that has been recognisable even at the national level. This fact has been attracting numerous business tourists looking for a different December’s experience when on meetings.

This year’s celebration began on the Feast day of St.Nicholas (6th of December) with the lighting of the lamps in the Robert Visiani Gardens. Additionally, one of the city’s oldest forts has been lit up with the Advent candles. Of course, there is no proper Advent time if one does not have an Advent wreath. Šibenik took care of this as well and actually made the Fortress of St.Michael into the largest and oldest Advent wreath. While the last candle on the final Sunday of Advent will be lit on Christmas Eve, at the very site where the story of Šibenik began in 1066.

However, the Advent celebration in Šibenik is not only about lights, candles and decorations, but also about rich cultural and entartaining programe that has been held at the Royal Court part of the gardens. Various musicians and bands are performing throughout December and all the way to the first day of the New Year’s. Not to mention the Freetulada competition for frying the best fritule (fritters).

Šibenik particularly boasts the New Year’s Eve band Dubioza Kolektiv. Famous ska/reggae/punk/rock band from Bosna-Herzegovina, that just put on a triumphant concert at the Zagreb Arena for 17,000 fans, is coming to say  farewell to 2017 right into the focal point of Šibenik’s city centre – the Poljana square.

This Croatian coastal town is the right place for congress and business guests also because of its Fair with Advent houses full of food, wine, liquer and other local products. However, the participants will not be stunned only because of the excellent offer, but also because of its ecological awareness which makes this beautiful Fair on Dalmatian Coast even more distinctive to other Advent Fairs. Namely, the Šibenik’s Advent Fair is the only plastic-free Advent Fair in Croatia and therefore presents the perfect destination for those guests who care for the sustainability.