As the unique monument of cultural heritage, the St.Michael fortress offers an ideal space for a different and more creative approach to event organizing.

St.Michael’s Fortress underwent in 2012-2014 an EU co-funded complete renovation that gave to the fortress a modern touch necessary for the today’s needs of event organisation. After the project, the St.Michael’s Fortress became one of the most prestigous venues in the region. A walk across the revitalized walls of St.Michael’s Fortress is an opportunity to enjoy the vistas of Šibenik and its surroundings. Depending on the type of event, one can select among the unique and most prestigous stage under the stars, a more intimate stage made of stones underneath the auditorium, Medieval ramparts and towers or underground multifunctional space with cisterns.


The fortress is standing above Šibenik which is easily reachable, for two of the most reliable Croatian airports are less than an hour ride away.

Events can be set on 2600 square meters that include an open air stage with auditorium level and five other exclusive premises that are multifunctional and, with regard to their capacity, suitable for organisation of congress, business, or private meetings. It is possible to either reserve the whole fortress or just the certain premises inside of it. In addition, the Fortress’ team can take care of the entire organization, including music program, catering, decoration, PA system, lighting, stage and all other supporting services.

One of the premium locations for events in Adriatic is the open air stage with the auditorium (1077 seats) oriented towards the sea with a view of Šibenik and its archipelago.

The venue even offers a very creative and charming solution for the usually empty and forgotten space. Namely, below the auditorium setting it is possible to organize various events, including daily events since it is sheltered from the Sun. This premise is suitable as a separate private or public after-party space and it is possible to set up a seated auditorium for up to 250 people, or dinner events of approx. 360 persons, or standing 1000 persons. In addition, the Fortress offers two informational-exhibition rooms that can host 130 seating guests, or 220 standing ones all together.

Particularly special is the exterior wall of the fortress which is suitable for organisation of evening events undersigned with a spectacular panoramic view of Šibenik and it surroundings (standing capacity of 200-300 persons).


In considering the benefits of the St.Michael’s Fortress it is essential to point out how the visitor gets absorbed by its cultural heritage, the spirit of its medieval walls, the creatively and multifunctionally revitalised premises, and mostly, its incredible location with the view over the millenium old town and sparkly Dalmatian sea.

Without a doubt, St.Michael’s Fortres, the Croatian Cultural Attraction of 2014, stands for one of the rare »literally breathtaking« venues that you will ever have a chance to experience.


Guests/clients choose their own catering service. Once chosen, the Fortress’ team takes care of arranging the catering with the chosen provider. However, if you do not have your catering preferences, the Fortress’ team suggests the local provider they trust for its quality and meeting the expectations of every client through excellent professionality.


Several world brands have gotten aware of the St.Michael’s Fortress character of premium location for meetings and other business events. In 2017, for example, BMW held its annual gathering that through a successful collaboration repeated later again. So, even though the St.Michael’s Fortress does not yet offer particular incentive programmes, it still seems is the right place for attracting business industry to it.


Tvrđava kulture Šibenik / Fortress of Culture Šibenik
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