Stretch out!

Dalmatia. Dalmatian dogs. Spots. Not just on the dogs, but also spots of olives on thick and shady trees. And countless spots of islands and islets. And spots of suns slowly fading into a liquid eternity… So, who hasn’t heard of Dalmatia? You certainly have. And so have many others. For this reason the Dalmatian shoreline can often feel overcrowded.

Yet there is an almost undiscovered pearl waiting to be found, not of the type hidden in one of the numerous shells purifying seawater to perfection, but one that is hidden at the sea’s end and surrounded by islands and a fortress. We are talking, of course, about Šibenik, and its coastline that gives you the chance to enjoy the beach and all of its offerings with an enjoyable level of privacy. Take a stroll along the shore, or dip your toes to awaken the curious little fish, or snorkle yourself to exhaustion… This is an undeniably special opportunity to be in Dalmatia, and in the part where crowds don’t squeeze you out.

Draw a circle in the sand. Sit in it, and make it your own little spot of happiness.