Living History

Šibenik is renowned as one of the rare Dalmatian coastal towns that has been effectively unmolested by the demands of modernity. Within its medieval walls, renaissance buildings and streets that meander among almost 3,000 stone steps, local ladies still hang laundry from windows, old men sit on corners playing ancient board games, and children are happily jumping ropes. Each and every one of them will greet you with a curious and smiling nod.

Šibenik days pass peacefully in the shade of two UNESCO World Heritage buildings: the 15th Century St. Jacob’s Cathedral and the 16th Century St. Nicholas fortress. Take the chance to sit in your own cafeteria with internationally awarded baristas, or let your new “nono” grill you a fish. The important thing here is to just be yourself; it’s all about the connection between people and history. Laugh out loud, but try to avoid saying “LOL”; say “Oh my God” rather than “OMG”; get yourself out there as soon as possible but drop all the “ASAP”. Breath it all in. Just be. It’s what Šibenik is all about: being, coexisting, and feeling the eternal in its stone.