The Šibenik area offers it all to your best employees

The deepest points around Šibenik can be found on its Mediterranean sea beds. On spectacular trips to 46 different diving locations and one educational snorkeling trail, one can submerge the depths to swim with stunning sea creatures and sea plants. Several secretive sea caves are also definitely something to look forward to, with one of them, which can be accessed either by a swim through a submerged sea channel or by a rope descent, hosting a mysterious but harmless »sea bear«. Another cave even hosts a 13th Century church!

The surfaces of Šibenik’s fresh and sea waters are home to diverse activities: recreational kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing, wind-surfing and even deep-water soloing. Combining activities with historical sightseeing, one can wander around the ancient city and/or take a walk on a 4.4km trail on water and land, leading to the 16th century fortress. The mainland offers natural parks with paths for hiking, trekking, cycling, running and mountain-biking.

For Šibenik’s peaks, one can go up up and further up, free climbing or mountaineering along the Dinara – Croatia’s highest peak – and stopping by enchanting viewpoints over the town and its gleaming bay. There’s no better reward than that.