Four Croatian national parks within Šibenik’s reach will make you feel alive again

When was the last time you took the time to sit still, just watching droplets of water naturally resonating? If you can’t recall such a moment, then it’s probably high time you take a moment for yourself and relive this prehistoric form of meditation for both the eyes and ears.

If you happen to be in Šibenik, then so much the better, for there are four natural attractions within easy reach of this stunning medieval town that can help soothe your stresses. Take a trip to the Krka National Park, for example, where your thoughts can float away whilst staring at Krka river meandering through canyons, waterfalls, lakes and radiant flora and fauna. Or join a tourist boat to visit the Kornati Archipelago and its hundreds of islands, islets, rocks and cliffs. Free up your mind and spirit, and bring out the child in you by taking a plunging jump from the top of the wooden boat into one of the most crystal clear sea waters anywhere in the world.

Want a little bit more? Sure, why not! Then take a two-hour ride to the UNESCO World Heritage Plitvice Lakes National Park to explore the faded edges between its water and woods – you will never again witness such a deeply rich and entangled dance of green and blue hues.

And for the final treat? The Paklenica National Park, just an hour away, where you can hike through torrent gorges and feed your longing for nature through slow walks on various trails, including mountain ones. Need a bit more nature? The park has a spectacular 175-metre long cave, or you can climb Paklenica’s walls that are close to the water. After all this you will feel very human again – that is guaranteed.