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Sounds of Dalmatia incentively moving one’s voice … and heart

Klapa multipart singing, ancient tradition of the Southern Croatian regions of Dalmatia, has been since 2012 inscribed on the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Klapa singing dates back to the late medieval era, to the time of ancient Dalmatian brotherhoods. Klapa singing is combined by several main features: multipart singing,...
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A Visit To The Stunning Krka National Park

When having a meeting in Šibenik, one of the 'must have' incentives is a visit to Croatian National Park Krka, located just a few kilometers northeast of the city. The National Park coveres more than 100 square kilometers along the Krka River. The National Park Krka's walking trails and the stunning viewpoints are the best...
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The Authentic Experience Of Dalmatia At Its Best

When thinking of a programme that would offer a true experience of Dalmatia, you can not skip the Dalmatian Ethno Village in the very heart of Amadria Park Šibenik. The Dalmatian Ethno Village, which has received many awards for its setting, authenticity and offer, impresses with its little stone houses that take a visitor into...
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