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Keith Bradley, Tech and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Specialist

About Keith Keith Bradley, Tech and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Specialist, is an American living and working in Šibenik for more than two years. He used to lead an incubator in Chicago, then he got to Šibenik to help with start-ups and ecosystem. Croatian City of Šibenik has been rising to entrepreneuring fame also with his help....
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Katarina Lilić, Executive Director at Amadria Park

Amadria Park combines our love for the Adriatic sea and harmony with nature Q: The last time we talked to you was in November 2016. In the year since, a new brand Amadria Park was introduced. The Ugo Group hosts many hotels under this new, single brand name. Which hotels exactly? And why? Brand Amadria...
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Dino Karađole, Director Of Šibenik Tourist Board

Adventurer By Nature Q: Residents of Šibenik admire you for your presence in all of the Šibenik's happenings. From diving to clean the sea bottom, picking up trash from Šibenik's surroundings to all other possible events, you are there. What does Šibenik mean to you? That is simply who I am. I am by nature...
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